Mission Statement:

To perform in meaningful projects that entertain, motivate, and inspire.

Oh baby!

Tracy still has baby teeth. Have the X-Ray’s to prove it. They have separation anxiety. Truth is…… “We’ve grown very fond of each other over the years.” ?

Daily Morning Routine:

LA Times and coffee!

Can?t live without:

Following my heart, doing my best, music, passion, good friends, love, laughing, making people laugh, performing, warm & sunny days, bubble baths, the color pink, good coffee, avocados, Laker games, I Love Lucy, General Hospital, and hugs!!!

Can live without:

Insecurity, hypocrites, rudeness, disrespect, automated voicemail systems, traffic, rainy days, and Laker haters.

When not watching Laker games....

Tracy watches classic sitcoms. Her favorite is I Love Lucy. She even has a LUCY BATHROOM which is 100% dedicated to her comic hero. This mini-Lucy museum has a Lucy welcome mat, collectibles, a clock, pictures, stuffed animals, etc. It’s ALL Lucy. Tracy has learned almost everything about sitcom acting from watching Lucille Ball. Her two favorite episodes are “Vitameatavegamin” & the “Harpo Marx” episode. She is also a buff about the history of Desilu Productions.

If I were an animal I would be:

A kitty cat. ?Cuddle me when I want you to? leave me alone when I don?t.? Nuff said!

Other favorite funny ladies:

Carol Burnett, Jean Stapleton, Diane Keaton, Lisa Kudrow, Reese Witherspoon, and Miss Piggy

What a way to make a buck!

Tracy was once a singing heart at the NY Stock Exchange and a baby cupid at Watt?s police station on Valentine?s Day.

Never forget:

Tracy went to London on her own four days after 9/11 and a stranger found her lost and took her to the American Memorial at Hyde Park.

On becoming an actor:

Tracy did a play in the 1st grade in Brooklyn, NY and became hooked. Having not yet learned the subtlety of acting she shouted all of her lines. The rest as they say? is history.

Favorite Comedy Movie:

Annie Hall

Favorite Drama Movie:

Gone With The Wind

Favorite sound:


Favorite word:


Least favorite word:


Favorite flower:


Favorite holidays:

July 4th, my birthday?July 15th and Valentine?s Day!

Favorite Cause:

Please help stop domestic violence and help feed the homeless. Consider donating your time, money, and talents to your local charities.